Reading the Bible

2 09 2007

But the Bible is so clear!

How many times do we hear our church friends exclaiming to our horrible conscience for not taking a strong stance on a particular issue due to our lack of understanding of passages which strangely seemed so clear to others.

The truth is, the bible may be clear (at least to its original readers), but are we?

Too often we come out from reading the bible thinking (arrogantly?) that we have successfully pinned it down. Or as if we have managed to leash god’s word. And we emerge, proudly, able to throw out points after points which we claimed to be our christian doctrines. Yet could it be that these usually bodiless and contextualless assertions and statements are but our cherished traditions, instead of the word of god which we would like them to be?

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2 responses

12 09 2007

well said (brother of jack said). i guess tradition counts only as we realise our own inadequacy and seek for a point of reference, but that makes it neither correct nor sacred. sigh, lots of undoing to do on my side…


25 09 2007

This post sparked a series of discussions on interpreting the bible:

Those who like to learn more may be interested in this course designed to introduce the methods, tools and interpretative principles necessary for doing independent exegetical study of the Bible.

We will be reviewing the different approaches to various literary genres of both the Old and New Testaments. In addition, we will also be using computer software as a tool in doing exegesis and examining the wide range of excellent resources available in the Internet.
Instructor: Dr. Lim Kar Yong

Dates: 25 Oct 07 (Thu), 27 Oct 07 (Sat), 1 Nov 07 (Thu), 3 Nov 07 (Sat),
8 Nov 07 (Thu – Deepavali)
Time: Weekday – 7.45 to 10.45 pm, Saturday & Deepavali – 9.00 am to 6.00 pm

Venue: First Baptist Church, Lot 8 Jalan Pantai (9/7), Petaling Jaya

Cost: RM130 for students who wish to attend the classes (no examinations or assignments) or RM240 for students who wish to apply this course into an existing degree program

Credit: 2 credit hours

Closing Date: 30 September 2007

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